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American Steel Span

Puerto Rico Steel Buildings Co.

is an authorized distributor of pre-designed, easy to assemble, steel buildings. Our buildings are 100% USA made and guaranteed for 25 years. And now they are available with colored walls at reasonable prices.

Each building is uniquely designed for your needs. From large commercial buildings to residential models, we have you covered. If you are planning to expand your business, build a garage or work area, we have a building for you.

Our buildings materials are long lasting, and covered by our exclusive material Galvalume, which allows us to offer the best warranty in our field. Our buildings are designed using the latest technology, allowing the owner to have the building ready in only 3 days, once the foundation has been completed.

What makes our steel buildings stand out?

Computer aided design and manufactured for the highest quality control
Each building is configured to the owner's specification
Easy to assemble construction using bolts and not welded
Excellent customer service
Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including hurricanes and earthquakes. Will resist 140 miles per hour winds
100% manufactured in the USA with Galvalume covered materials, which makes the metal 7 times more resistant to corrosion than galvanized metals
25 years of warranty against corrosion


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4 easy steps!

Your new steel building can be assembled fast and easy
due to our pre-engineered design and almost 40 years of experience in the field.

Step 1

Build the foundation

Step 2

Assemble the arches

Step 3

Raise the arches

Step 4

Add walls and doors

Our models

Take a look at the models that we can quickly provide to you.

P Model

Width from 16 to 30 feet
Unlimited length
"Pitched Roof"
Straight sides
Practical uses: Work garage, residential garage, storage room

Q Model

Width from 20 to 80 feet
Unlimited length
Arched ceiling
Straight sides
Practical uses: Work garage, residential garage, storage room

S Model

Width from 10 to 50 feet
Unlimited length
Arched ceiling and sides
Practical uses: Hay, fertilizers, cattle, farm equipment

A Model

Width from 20 to 40 feet
Unlimited length
A-Model building features a 4:12 roof pitch
Practical uses: garages and workshops

Our accesories

Take a look at the accesories that you need to get the most out of your building.

Additional Arches

Add length to your buildings any time.

Service Doors

Easy access to your buildings
Our heavy-duty door adds security to your steel building
Service doors are furnished with leaf, frame, hinges and hardware.

Base Conector

Our base channels are perfect for use with existing slabs or block walls Allows for easy expansion and portability

Sliding Doors

World's strongest and most durable door system
Customized to fit your building for easy installation


Eliminates condensation
Easy to install
Recommended one every 20 feet

End walls

Each panel is pre-cut and numbered, making it simple to assemble
Openings and framework are available for any size or type of door


Allows natural light at an economical cost
You only need one every 20 feet for maximum lighting
Save money on your electric bill

Awesome work makes happy clients.

Take a look at some of the arched steel buildings we have sold in Puerto Rico!

Garden Shop

Boqueana Garden shop in San Germán, Puerto Rico

General use

Farm machinery and hay storage - El Buen Pastor in Lajas, PR

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